From my trip teaching in China, where I did a very poor job of blending in.

Hi, I'm Ahron.

It's pronounced "Are-own", with no space in between. But don't worry, because I'll respond to anything that starts with an A and ends with an N. Ahron translates to closet in English, 柜子 in Chinese, and אָרוֹן in Hebrew, where it comes from. Combined with Wayne, from Weingarten or vineyard, you get my full name: Alcohol Closet, or simply liquor cabinet.

When I was 17 I found out my name was actually spelled a different way: According to my birth certificate, which I saw for the first time in driver's ed, there was an extra "A" in it. it was now "Ah-har! own", and sounded so strange and foreign! And it had to go on every document and meticulously checked, a lesson I learned when my choice university told me months later that it had two files on me, since I sent some scores from before I made the switch.

A year later I found out on my first tax application that my birthday was wrong, too.

This site was originally supposed to be just about Blu Ray Players.

Two Blue Tech --- Tech made out of Two Blu(e) ray players. This alludes to the first design of the LadyBug 3D scanning microscope, which was made as such using two old Playstation 3 drives. I strongly feel that this is more than just a gimmick for getting a microscope to move around, which is what I did in the instructables. Rather, I feel that these optical disk drives, especially outstanding examples such as the PS3's KES-400a or Xbox's PHR-803t, are latent powerhouses for advanced and affordable scanning laser applications.

...and I guess if you're looking at the version of the site and not, you can ignore this section.

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I like talking about stuff.